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5 design proposals for a house style
Identities: Rotterdam 2001, cultural capital of Europe



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This book describes the competition that lead to the creation of the graphic identity of Rotterdam 2001, cultural capital of Europe. A challenging brief formulated by Hein van Haaren (dec. 2014) and Gerard Hadders put five competing design agencies -Atelier de Creation Graphique (Paris), TCHM (Rotterdam), Mevis + Van Deursen (Amsterdam), Profroma (Rotterdam) and Qwer (Köln) – on the path of developing a hybrid graphic identity; a system of signs and typography. This to cover the demand for a multiple applicable ‘toolkit’ as a basis for communicating the multiethnic en cultural character of the city of Rotterdam; ‘Rotterdam is many Cities’.

Written by Toon Lauwen and Hugues C. Boekraad, and designed by the competitions winning agency Mevis and van Deursen it is a celebration of creative thinking within the development of graphic identities and still stands as an example of ‘out of the box’ thinking.

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