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New Towns and the Human Species



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The concept of Newtowns is usually presented within an architectural visual framework aka ’inhuman’ whereas Newtowns are intrinsic developments for the Human Species and maybe some cats and dogs. This essay surveys the image of our species as connected to planning.

The International New Town Institute (INTI) is a non-profit scientific knowledge institute based in the center of the New Town Almere, close to Amsterdam (the Netherlands). INTI is dedicated to improving the quality of global urban development, with a focus on New Towns. INTI is independent and not necessarily an advocate or promotor of New Town planning.

We believe that in order to improve the quality and sustainability of future New Towns, we can learn from existing New Towns today. Why? New Towns have many similarities: they were designed from scratch according to planning doctrines of one specific period, they have experienced relatively fast urban growth, they demonstrate specific demographic patterns and they contain a homogeneous housing stock. The result of all this is that many New Towns struggle with the same problems: a uniform demography, a lack of educational, cultural or other facilities and too little diversity in the housing stock. Because of their young age, New Towns also face a lack of history and identity and usually suffer from image problems. Because many New Town developments are quite similar, also their challenges are often quite predictable.

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