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Introductions by H.C. Boekraad en W. Vanstiphout. Edited by Gerard Hadders
Ornament & Rhetoric # 0.1 | The MEMORY ISSUE
A first introduction to the lectureship section Ornament & Rhetoric



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In 2003 the lectureship Visual Rhetoric of Avans Masters was founded. Hugues Boekraad was appointed lector and subdivided the lectureship into 4 sections: ‘Rhetoric and Typography’; ‘Self Representation of Graphic Design’; ‘Rhetoric within Graphic Design Education’ and ‘Ornament and Rhetoric’. The section ‘Ornament and Rhetoric’ is developed in collaboration with the graphic design dept. of the Post-St.Joost.
The working method within ‘Ornament and Rhetoric’ can best be described as ‘research by design’. Research, ideas and propositions are being brought forward through the making of images. This process is in full swing at this moment and the cahier you hold in your hands is a first attempt to show these ideas and propositions and the research that goes along with it.
The cahier is devided in two sections. The first will present a gloss of problems and proposition. The second section presents the new working method that we are developing within the design dept. and that will form the basis for the extended curriculum that will be presented in 2005 in the publication ‘CopyProof 2’.
The section ‘Ornament and Rhetoric’ - as you will see – sets out to redefine the definitions that form the name and bring it into the realm of contemporary graphic design. Since we have by no means scientific pretenses our propositions should be considered as ‘storytelling’ in the category What If? and thus as a method finds a solid tradition in 10.000 years of making art and design (in this way our section is different form the other sections which do have a grounding from Art History).
The section on the new curriculum describes method, means and accomplishments of the project ‘Superfacial#1; Kruisplein Comfort’. In this project, with the aid of an architectural historian and a creative writer, research combined with fictionalization proved to be an excellent and heady mixture to help create concepts and visuals and above all what could become a new approach of Urban Visual Culture.
We would like to thank Cassandra Wilkins & Meghan Ferrill with the project ‘Kruisplein Comfort’ and last but not least the fine students that collaborated in the project.

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