Edith Gruson , Gerard Hadders , ProArtsDesign
Fischli und Weiss, Arbeiten im Dunkeln
Exhibition invitation and envelope
Gijs van Tuyl, Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg

The image selected for the communication design was a photograph taken through the arse of a hollow ceramic pig.

Peter Fischli (born 8 June 1952) and David Weiss (21 June 1946 – 27 April 2012), often shortened to Fischli/Weiss, were an artist duo that had been collaborating since 1979. They were among the most renowned contemporary artists of Switzerland. Their best-known work is the film Der Lauf der Dinge (The Way Things Go). This was described by The Guardian as being "post apocalyptic", as it is all about chain reactions and the way in which objects fly, crash, and explode across the studio it was shot in. Fischli lives and works in Zurich; Weiss died on 27 April 2012.