Edith Gruson , Gerard Hadders , ProArtsDesign
The Mega Effect
Exhibition at Cleaning Centre, Port of Rotterdam
For: ECT, Europe Combined Terminals, Rotterdam

een publieks tentoonstelling ter ere van het 25 jarig bestaan van dit bedrijf.

in een kollosale terminal is een grid van draden gespannen die de contouren aangeeft van een 20ft container.
binnnen deze structuur van draden wordt zowel de inhoud en grootte van de getransporteerde goederen zichtbaar als ook de geschiedenis en verschillende diensten van ‘s werelds grootste container overslag bedrijf.

A general audience exhibition was held to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the ECT, the then largest container terminal worldwide.
In a colossal warehouse a grid of steel cables is erected, based on the dimensions of a 20ft container. Within this structure of wires contents and size becomes visible, as wel as history en the various services of ECT.

Europe Container Terminals (ECT) is one of the largest terminal operators on the continent. The company, a subsidiary of Hutchison Port Holdings, handles nearly three-quarters of all containers that pass through the Port of Rotterdam annually. ECT welcomes ships from the North Sea at its three main terminals and additionally operates a network of inland terminals to facilitate shipments to the European hinterland (these facilities include Venlo in the southeast of the Netherlands, Willebroek in Belgium, and Duisburg in Germany). The company was founded in 1966.